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The decision to write a cookbook...

Writing a cookbook was an unexpected journey for me, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed. It all started when my son, Ben, was getting ready to move into his first apartment. He has a busy study schedule and I worried that he would be eating fast food all the time. He asked me to write down a few of our family recipes and I couldn't stop there. Before I knew it, friends and family were eager to help by providing their weeknight favorites too.

As I continued to experiment, I realized that what I was creating was more than just a set of recipes for my son. I had something special on my hands that could help others in the same position.

I decided to compile my recipes into a cookbook and the "Hangry Chef" was born. You see, Ben, when he gets hungry, is quite the butt chop. So quick and easy recipes needed to be added. I know his room mate will thank me later!

Writing the "Hangry Chef" cookbook was a labor of love. It started as a way to help my son navigate the challenges of cooking in his first apartment, but it quickly became apparent that it had broader appeal. The recipes are quick and easy to make, affordable, and most importantly, delicious. Whether you're a beginner cook or a seasoned pro, there's something in the "Hangry Chef" for everyone.

I'm thrilled to be able to share my cookbook with others and hope that it can help make mealtime a little bit easier and a lot more enjoyable for everyone who uses it.

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